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Environment Friendly


Global warming.

The new challenge threatening the world is global warming. Environmentalists are seriously engaged in discussions about it. Environmental movements call the process of the rise in surface temperature of the earth owing to human activities, as global warming.

When the gases in air absorb and let out infrared rays the earth gets warmed. Scientists point out to the change in the temperature in the earth between those that were recorded in 19th century and this 21st century. They say the increase in the temperature of the earth is caused by what is known as ?greenhouse gases?. They contend that gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide etc., are let out on a vast scale due to processes like vaporizing water, and industrial emissions and thereby result in the warming of the earth.

Sivanthi Joe Substrates products are the right tool to make our earth as green with water savage.  .

Save water and make the world a greener place.


Nature friendly processes:

Preserving natural features can benefit both the developer and the development. Nature-friendly development practices can add value to property, protect natural resources and help organizational bottom lines grow.

Sivanthi Joe products are 100% nature friendly and are made from 100% natural products of Coconut Husk. In general agricultural practice, the fertile land is developed using a huge quantum of water and fertilizers for cultivation. But the products delivered by Sivanthi Joe offer a right solution through which the cultivation of land can go on without using too much of  water, fertilizers or manure.  


Environment friendly growth:

In the recent times, the earth, water and air are highly polluted and now the earth is under threat. The study and impact of the environment study therefore, is of high importance in today?s context and it requires the collective action of the global community to think and act to save the environment    

Sivanthi Joe products are environment friendly products and this is the first step towards creating a better world.